Defence of interests in business

Safe transactions being subject to financial monitoring

At present, the bank being the reporting institution is not a partner and a keeper of a banking privacy, but is a primary supervisor for you and your business. Information about your financial transactions in case of misconstruction will unavoidably become a property of the supervisory and law-enforcement authorities. It will entail a broad range of negative consequences: inspections, seizures and many other things. Correct management of financial flows and relations with banks will enable to avoid these and other negative consequences or mitigate them, as well as to reduce significantly bank control. Currently Mogylnytsky & Partners is the only advocate’s association providing this type of service on the territory of Ukraine

Arrangement of financial monitoring for reporting institutions

This specialized service may be rendered to the banks, notaries and other reporting institutions and it will certainly interest financial companies, which found themselves in the crosshairs of the National Bank having already finished with “unwanted” banks. Cooperation of an expert in financial monitoring, who previously headed a specialized service in a large bank, together with a team of the attorneys will allow maintaining the balance between the requirements of the legislation and the interests of a business owner

Documentary securing of participation in tenders

Tenders arrangement

Personnel and legal support of business

The Attorneys jointly with an expert, having considerable experience in arrangement of a personnel work at large enterprises, will help you to property arrange personnel work, optimize it, solve one-off complicated tasks, carry out diagnostics of proper performance of personnel work

Arrangement of contractual work

We will fix a contractual work at the enterprise, develop a procedure for entering into agreements, framework agreements and will train personnel

Safe interaction with government authorities

Preparation of an enterprise to supervision measures, creation of a background for cancellation of the negative results of supervision.

The Company includes attorneys having professional work experience with large companies and tax authorities. Notwithstanding an overt policy of the supervisory authorities and court for replenishment of the budget by all means, we will offer the efficient methods to defend your rights and ensure efficient communication with the controllers

Prevention of corruption risks. Safe declaring of income

Development of individual recommendations on electronic filing and registration of the property in order to prevent corruption risks

Provision of business with the required approval documents

Permanent legislative monitoring in the field of activity of the client

Information delivery. Algorithms development. Personnel training