Defence of the corporate rights, taking preventive actions against unlawful seizure of a business share. Taking proactive countermeasures against perpetrators of unlawful takeover. Media support

We will not only provide legal defence in the corporate disputes and in cases of hostile takeover attempts, but also apply proactive countermeasures tactics against your opponent. We will analyse an activity of your opponent with respect to legitimacy to make him mind his own problems, but not to try to steal your business

Safe deals with real estate and other property

Defence of the rights to the disputable property, prevention of property foreclosure. Release of the property from seizure

Safe credit and investment transactions

Legal support of transactions on attracting investments, as well as debt financing, restructuring, current maintenance and refunding thereof. Analysis of the terms of the transactions and preparation of the documents required for conducting such transactions. Defence of your rights and interests in relations with banks. Recovery of accounts receivable and structuring of accounts payable

Defence of the rights to the results of intellectual activity, copyright items, invention, utility models, know-how, design inventions etc.

As well as trademarks, service marks, company names, trade names