It has never happened before, and here again. This phrase is a broken record, as well as the oppression to which the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is subjected in an easy state of mind of the authorities. They promised not to take away the temples, but attempts to appoint the “legitimate” owners have already been made.

Thus, for example, the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra is now in the spotlight. The decisions taken by the authorities last week testify to the fact that they are still planning to seize the buildings and are actively preparing for this.

Make yourself comfortable, ladies and gentlemen! I’ll tell you about what other judges do on dark Ukrainian nights. It will be quite a spicy story!

Disregard of the law is a phenomenon that has long become a common thing. But it’s too ridiculous that Judge Novak worked at the behest of the Security Service of Ukraine at three o’clock in the morning and without participation of the attorneys … What a shame! It can be called a private party in the courthouse. But first things first.

The past week was rich in events for one of our clients. This is a Russian attorney Vladimir Filimonov. Let me remind you that, by the will of fate and due the efforts of our security guards, he found himself in the same case with Georgiy Levchuk and Timofey Nagorny.

My friends! While our wise hetmans have not yet managed to introduce total censorship, I hasten to share with you my thoughts on the subject of already tangible martial law. As they say, hurry up, to do it in time.

So, they are trying to convince us that the constitutional rights of citizens will not be restricted in the event that the Government approves the decision on imposition of martial law. They convince sluggishly, without any inspiration and absolutely in vain. Because it is a blatant lie.

In September of the last year, the Civil Society Organisation “Transparency International Ukraine” has brought a suit on disclosure of Judgment of Kramatorsk City Court to the District Administrative Court of Kiev. The very Judgment under which a special forfeit of one and a half billion of the investors’ dollars was performed to the cry of “money of Yanukovich”,

In less than two months after submission, the Constitutional Court commenced already the proceeding upon the constitutional complaint of Natalya Poklonskaya. Let me remind you that it refers to recognition of clause 4 Paragraph 2 Section 4 of the Law of Ukraine No. 2147-VIII as unconstitutional. As this law essentially limits the round of suspects, who are allowed to appeal against the notice of suspicion. In case if criminal proceeding against a citizen was already registered after March 16, 2018, then you are welcome. The others are deprived of such right.

Meanwhile, the memorial to the citizens having been involved in Euromaidan was demounted and replaced in Kyiv. It has been done upon the order of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine that. They suddenly realized it after five years and decided to carry out investigative actions as part of the investigation of the protesters’ murders. Of course, this scenario has nothing to do with the approaching elections. They just finally got round.

Another work week of the Advocate’s Association “Mogylnytsky & Partners” starts from good news.

Thus, the European Union was forced to pay 11,6 thousands of euro of reimbursement for the expenses for legal assistance provided to Sergiy Arbuzov before the European Court of Justice located in Luxemburg.

Today, after seven months of separation, crewmembers of the fishery vessel “Nord” returned home. The thing is that they have been exchanged for the crewmembers of “YaMK-0041” accused of poaching on the territory of Crimea.

In the legal sense an incredibly interesting picture is emerging. It is important to understand that none of the fishermen being on the territory of Ukraine committed unwillingly any crime. As for today our state has no claims of legal nature against them.

The attorneys of the Advocate’s Association “Mogylnytsky&Partners” within the frameworks of cooperation with the Public Organization “Non-government Organization of Supremacy of Law” drew up and filed a claim against the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The District Administrative Court of Kyiv has already commenced relevant proceeding.

We are determined to prove the fact of a lack of authorities granted to the guarantor of the Constitution to interfere into the affairs of church and religious organizations. In particular, the question is in signing and forwarding the appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew with regard to provision of the Tomos of Autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

How smartly this story with money of investors is made up, that if I had more time and experience, I would definitely get to writing a picture play for Hollywood cinemagnates. And it would have an arty-and-crafty name “Ukraine in two Kashkins” or tenderly – “Prosecutor’s Porridge”.

A language issue, unfortunately, is a something special in a social and political life of Ukraine and is outrageously used by the most promising participants of future elections. Their rhetoric is as tiresome, as dangerous, and thus, for a sober-minded citizen it is disgusting. Tell me, please, who wishes some fabricated problems, when there is an awful lot of real ones?

People, who understand each other quite good, are, nevertheless, still being divided into competing electoral camps. However, we have nothing to divide. And in this issue, as well as, in many other critical issues, the law may and must become a conciliation instrument. Since in legal sense, everything is clear and obtainable in the language issue. Unless, of course, one tries to pretend to be illiterate and mentally deficient.

What is exactly the “Maidan case”? For sure, dear reader, in your mind’s eye you see the images that are well known to anyone, who has experienced the events of the winter of 2013-2014, defining the image of Ukraine for years to come. Barricades on the central streets of Kyiv and other large cities, faces covered with blood, blown-out doors, broken windows and police officers burning alive. The images are overlapped and inosculated into one big tragedy.