Сrewmembers of the fishery vessel “Nord” returned home

Today, after seven months of separation, crewmembers of the fishery vessel “Nord” returned home. The thing is that they have been exchanged for the crewmembers of “YaMK-0041” accused of poaching on the territory of Crimea.

In the legal sense an incredibly interesting picture is emerging. It is important to understand that none of the fishermen being on the territory of Ukraine committed unwillingly any crime. As for today our state has no claims of legal nature against them.

I would like to remind that they have been detained on the board with fast rotting fish within a whole week. Water, food and medical assistance for the sailors were provided not by the state, but by our attorneys. They subsequently achieved the release of the crewmembers.

However, the State Border Service of Ukraine did not permit the fishermen to return home. They were allowed to cross the border only under conditions of recognition of Ukrainian citizenship and showing the Ukrainian passports. Given that the fishermen considered themselves as the citizens of the Russian Federation and had in their possession only Russian passports.

I draw your careful attention to the fact that the Border Service of Ukraine failed to prove in a legal procedure that the sailors of “Nord” are the citizens of Ukraine.

So, it appears that in fact the citizens of another state were taken hostage and held by force on the territory of Ukraine as an exchange resource. There were restrained until the option for exchanged turned up.

If we maintain the official version of our authorities, then the situation looks even more cynical. After all, it turns out that one group of the Ukrainian citizens were exchanged for another one. Given that these citizens were absolutely clean before the law.

Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova and the State Border Service of Ukraine added fuel to the flame. They all sang together that there was no exchange (surprise!) and the sailors of “Nord” accidentally found themselves at the Border Inspection Post Kalanchak at the same time as the crew of the vessel “YaMK-0041”. How does it sound like? Who will believe in this?

The representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine having lost remains of their conscience insolently stated that they didn’t know the reasons why the sailors did not return home earlier. They did not let people cross the border and now they imitate idiocy with blundering fingers. Let me remind you that each crewmember tried to leave Ukraine with the Russian passport through Hoptovka, Zhulyany and same old Kalanchak. But they were not allowed to do that!

The “irrefutable evidence” from the State Border Service of Ukraine – a retouched “document” has been published in the mass media. Namely, this is the certificate, which actually is not the document certifying the identity. In accordance with the Ukrainian legislation it is impossible to cross any border with it.

I repeatedly make an accent on the fact that the sailors had in their possession only Russian passports. The answer to the question with what documents they crossed the border is obvious.

All listed facts are not hard to plumb and clear to everybody, who wants to understand the situation. However, the State Border Service of Ukraine has already notified on its website that “this situation was a planned act of the aggressor country”. Just to make those who want to understand but don’t want to be known as “agents of the Kremlin”, sit tight.

However, I am glad that after seven months the sailors of “Nord” will finally see their relatives and close people. Eventually, for me the important thing is that the rights of our clients will be not violated anymore. It means that we achieved the set goal. Herewith, I want to express gratitude to everyone, who participated in the negotiation process and by this means contributed to the sailors’ return home.

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