Half billion of the investors’ dollars was performed to the cry of “money of Yanukovich”

In September of the last year, the Civil Society Organisation “Transparency International Ukraine” has brought a suit on disclosure of Judgment of Kramatorsk City Court to the District Administrative Court of Kiev. The very Judgment under which a special forfeit of one and a half billion of the investors’ dollars was performed to the cry of “money of Yanukovich”,

The author of “TI Ukraine” project Andrey Slyusar cheerfully and repeatedly declared that classification of the court judgment is a dishonest and unlawful act. He also strikingly talked about the fight of the very organisation for disclosure of “Yanukovich corruption schemes” in front of the whole Ukrainian nation, and expressed his doubt in legitimacy of both the judgment itself and assets forfeiture.

The “TI Ukraine” project headed by such a thought citizen has received a grant for its implementation founded by Open Society Foundation of George Soros. A scent of unavoidably coming justice has soaked air of the Ukrainian capital.

And here strange things began to happen. Thus, the last week at the same time, when the court started consideration of the case on merits, a representative of the TI Ukraine unexpectedly decided to abandon the suit on the Judgement disclosure. A fight against corruption did not finish with this. I guess, for company it is not interesting to publicly display corruption schemes applied by the Prosecution General’s Office of Ukraine in the course and during embezzlement of money of the western investors.

But what about all this parade of words? Where did all ideals go? The globally renowned organisation has sung so sweet, but suddenly forgot about its aims earlier declared, by which discredited itself from top to toe.

Noteworthy is that the party withdrawn the suit immediately after the company АКЕМІ MANAGEMENT LIMITED entered the litigation as a third party on our client`s side. Money of this company has also been forfeited on the basis of the classified Judgment.

This “coincidence” only testifies that a decision to withdraw a suit was politically driven. The truth, as you known, has no political colour. And if an organisation declares that its goal is fight against corruption in Ukraine by facilitation of transparency, reporting relationships and integrity of political authority, then there would not be such a thing as withdrawal of the suit.

It is so easy just to give up the possibility to reveal the illegal scheme of embezzlement by the Prosecutor’s Office. It is strange, isn`t it? I believe that there have been some arrangements with the Prosecutor General’s Office for legitimation of the Judgment of Kramatorsk Court. It has interfered into, they say, checked everything, and no criminal schemes have been detected, everything is fair and square. But out of a sudden, we have interfered. And it is clear, that the process may go the other way round. So it is better to leave as soon as possible, than go where one dos not want to. I may be mistaken, but these flutters seem exactly this way.

I do not know whether the major office in Berlin (Transparency International), as well as the donors of the organisation are well informed about the situation, but any way we will make sure that they get informed properly about the actions of the Ukrainian office.

In the meantime, while the fighters against corruption are fighting or not fighting, attorneys of the Advocate’s Association “Mogylnytsky&Partners”, acting in the interests of foreign companies, have already filed a separate lawsuit declassifying the Judgement of Kramatorsk Court. And we are definitely not going to withdraw it.

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